3 Choices You’ll Have To Make At Any Big Party


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When planning a big party there will be a lot of decisions that have to be made. You will have to decide a lot of the logistics that will go on for the event. On top of that, if you are planning out a major party event such as a wedding reception, a bat mitzvah, a sweet sixteen, or a graduation party, you will need to worry about the major “this or thats.” These are the decisions where you choose between two big options. It goes beyond, which flower should I put as the table centerpieces or what party rentals are you willing to pay for. To explain further, here are 3 of these big choices you will eventually have to make.

  1. Live Band or DJ
    The first choice is one that you will have to deal with in order to make sure that your guests are properly entertained. Will you decide to have a live band perform at your event or will you have a DJ put on music. Either choice is good, but they both can give different feels to the event. A live band can feel more personal and fun, but you also risk the chance of them performing badly. Plus, do you have all the space and budge to provide for all of the bands’ members. As for the DJ, having one can feel modern and fun. But do you want to pay for an experience way or keep the cost low and go with your cousin who puts a bunch of songs together and calls it a mix tape? It’s up to you.
  2. Scheduled Meals or A Buffet
    The next thing you have to worry about is if you want to deal with having to get pre-planned dinners or a buffet line going for your event. Again, the different decisions can create different feels for your event. With the scheduled meals you would just have to have a catering company choose two or three meals to serve and then have your guests choose among the lot. With a Buffet line you can offer a larger variety of food for the picky eaters at your party. Which would you like more?
  3. Rent A Hall or A Tent
    Possibly the most important decision to make is where you are going to have the party in the first place. Will you rent a hall? Surely, if you do there will be plenty of amenities and privileges that will come with it. That said, you will probably have to pay a hefty fee for that space and maybe even more for the privileges on top of that. Otherwise, you could decide to go with tent rentals instead. If you rent a tent you can have the big space, but also enjoy the outdoors as well. The kids can go play outside in the sun and the adults can party it up in the tent. Tent rentals mean that you have all the space you need, but for a lower price.

Whether you decide to go with tent rentals or go with a classy jazz band, its important that you just decide on one or the other. Making a decision is hard, but once you have made it you are one step closer to enjoying the festivities. Learn more at this link.

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