Artists Head Online to Increase Exposure and Sales


Digital fine art

Did you know that 2.1 million Americans create and sell art as their primary source of income? Thanks to the digital revolution, the number of artists in the U.S. is rapidly increasing. Traditional ways of creating, showcasing, and selling art, however, are changing. How are computers and the internet making waves in the art world?

A New Kind of Artist

The term artist is broadening to include graphic designers, animators, and anyone who, in general, creates computer art. The popularity of digital art and design is growing; in fact, the American graphic design industry is likely to expand by as much as 13% over the course of ten years, or from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry promises ample opportunities for animators, who use digital art tools to create movies, television programs, and video games. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects digital advertising to create a significant amount of jobs. Artists currently use computer art, including digital 3D art, to create television commercials, internet ads, videos, and more.

Digital Art Galleries

The art world, however, is not being overtaken by graphic designers and animators alone. In fact, many traditional artists are using the web to reach larger audiences, increase exposure, and sell more of their works. Some of the best art websites are also traditional online art galleries or digital art galleries. Artists are taking advantage of the platform to sell small and medium-sized works especially. Admirers may not be able to wholly perceive textures and colors, however.

Artists are also using the internet as a means of inspiration and art sharing. Art sharing websites, such as street art websites, display a number of different works, media, and styles. Arts can easily increase their own exposure, encourage one another, or discuss current trends in the art world.

The art world is changing in two important ways. One, the definition of artist is expanding to include graphic designers, digital advertisers, and animators, and two, traditional and digital artists are using websites, such as street art websites, to increase awareness and sales.

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