Celebrating The Warmest And Most Relaxing Season The Right Way California’s Apple Hill Farms


A special occasion deserves a gorgeous location. You could go with the obvious…or you could dip into a little nostalgia.

When you spend a day on a farm you breathe in a little of what makes the United States so beautiful in the first place. When apple hill season is in full swing and the trees are starting to blush, it just makes sense to capture some of that spirit for a birthday party or family outing. Placerville is one of California’s most memorable places, lush with greenery and filled with autumn activities you won’t soon forget. You can try out warm apple fritters, choose activities for kids, or just visit pick up an apple orchard tour for photo opportunities.

No matter what you choose, you can be rest assured it’s time well spent.

Let’s start off with a little history about apples themselves and why they’ve become a staple of the American diet. Over 2,500 varieties of apples are grown on American soil alone, with an estimated 7,500 spread around the world. The Hokuto apple, for starters, was first discovered by Chisato Iwasaki in Hirosaki City. Weighing at four pounds, it soon became the heaviest apple ever recorded. While green apples are great for caramel varieties, Fiji and Gala are widely used for pies, sauces, and ciders.

Did you know that, until 500 years ago, autumn was simply referred to as ‘harvest’? It’s not hard to see why, when you look at the season itself and all the bountiful activities it inspires. Autumn, to date, remains the most popular season overall — a recent survey found 30% of Americans preferring autumn over the other three. Rich in color and the perfect temperature for garden parties and festivities, fall has remained snug and cozy in the hearts of many. It’s also the perfect time to spend a day on a farm and enjoy all the earth has to offer.

It’s not just apple pies and apple picking you can look forward to, either. Autumn is perfect for choosing the right pumpkin to carve for Halloween or slice up for your next baking venture. Pumpkins have incredible range in sizes and colors, able to weigh less than one pound and exceed over 1,000. They’re 90% water and can be used as decoration or an opportunity to bake yourself some roasted seeds for next week’s snack. If you’re thinking of planting your own pumpkins, make sure to bury the seeds between the last week of May and the middle of June for the best haul.

Apple Hill events are a great way to celebrate the season and any other special occasion brought to your attention. When asked which dessert Americans preferred a friend or family member bring to the house for holiday dinner, pie was high on the list. A survey by Crisco, as well as The American Pie Council, saw 30% of respondents happily choosing pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie as some of their go-to choices. There’s nothing quite like delicious food and beautiful sights to make a simple memory that much more fantastic. Starting to develop an appetite yourself?

To spend a day on a farm filled with fresh apples and gorgeous trees is time well spent. An apple orchard tour is the perfect choice for a child’s birthday party or a recent wedding engagement. You can pick some of your own apples to take home or try out a baked pie. You can buy Apple Hill donuts as a gift for a co-worker or just walk through the long, winding lanes of Placerville with nothing but your thoughts. The cold season is more than just chill and holidays. It’s a time to get back in touch with what you love.

Spend a day on a farm this year. See how an apple farm can bring out the best in you and your family.

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