Computer Arts Magazine


Computer arts magazine

Did you know that 45 percent of all the magazines that are published today are owned by at least one of three companies? These would be Time Warner, Hearst and Advance. Every month thousands of magazines are read by people for one reason or another. Most of the magazines with subscriptions get mailed to the person’s doorstep. One can also go online and read magazines now that are for all kinds of interests. Magazines have been published for the masses since the beginning of the 19th century. Magazines used to only be available for the wealthy, but thanks to advances in print technology they have become affordable for everyone.

One of the newer subjects for a magazines is computer arts. A man by the name of Desmond Paul Henry is credited with inventing the first digital drawing machine back in 1960. He was from London. In 1963, the first public showing of computer art was shown by James Larsen at a one man exhibit at San Jose State University. Computer arts magazines today can be purchased in bookstores or wherever magazines are sold. A computer arts magazine can also be found in digital format online. In fact, the internet is changing the way we read magazines today and quickly becoming the favorite way to read a computer arts magazine.

A computer art magazine is one that contains articles, stories and editorials about computer art. You’ll find that a computer arts magazine has digital images and advertising. Each year, several issues for a computer arts magazine is released. Avid fans and readers wait eagerly for the next new edition of their favorite arts magazines.

Of course, the computer arts magazine is one that is created and designed for professional digital illustrators. An amateur computer arts illustrator will also be interested in a computer arts magazine. Certain features are of interest, such as new ideas for digital art, how to advance software skills and reading all about advice for those in the industry of computer arts. People who are interested in becoming better computer designers are always interested in reading a computer arts magazine.

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