Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Liven Up Your Company’s Party


Corporate casino night chicago

Are you looking for a way to bring some life back into your company? Why not come up with some creative corporate event ideas? This can get your employees motivated to work together — and make money together. Here are a few great ideas — don?t just rely on the tired ?Hawaiian BBQ? this time!

Casino Night Party

Did you know that about 40 million people regularly play poker? A casino night can be a great way to bring your employees together and get them away from the office environment. About 37 million people visit Las Vegas each year, and you can use this as the setting for your big night — it?s easy to get neon lights, blackjack tables, and some cool decorations together in order to make a great night! If you do decide to throw a casino theme party, just make sure that you eliminate the stress of employees using their own money. Instead, consider providing them a certain number of tokens that can be used to redeem prizes — or great bonuses, like an extra vacation day.

1001 Arabian Nights

Why not give your event a cultural splash? For galas and parties, this can be a great idea — you can incorporate low tables, bright, beautiful table linens, and unique lighting. Consider serving drinks out of traditional silver teapots.

Secret Events

As of late, companies have been tapping into our culture?s fascination with secret societies and puzzles — the breakout success of escape rooms, for example. You can make this the theme of your event, as well. Everything from the invitations to the entrance to the event can stay with the theme. You?ll need to come up with puzzles and foibles for groups to participate in, in order to reinforce the feeling that they?re part of a secret group trying to solve a problem.

Back to the Future

Everyone loves a future-themed party, and this is also a fun one for encouraging guests to dress up. It?s easy to use affordable lighting and decorating options (think metallics!) to create a futuristic vision. There?s also a lot of room for cool party favors here, such as circuit board ties or Google Cardboard.

Would these creative corporate event ideas work for your company?

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