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Computer arts magazines

Computer art is generally referred to as any art in which computers are used in production or display of the artwork. Such art can vary from image to sound, animation, video, CD ROM, DVD ROM, videogame, web site, algorithm, performance or gallery installation. Many traditional disciplines are integrating digital technologies and as a result, the lines between traditional works of art and new media works created using computers has been blurred.

Computer arts magazines can give an artist looking to combine traditional painting with algorithm art and other digital techniques, a boost. Defining computer art by its end product can be difficult. Computer art is by its nature evolutionary since changes in technology and software directly affect what is possible. Did you know the precursor of computer art dates back to 1956 through 1958, with the generation of what is probably the first image of a human being on a computer screen.

Computer arts magazines are for digital creatives. Every issue aims to deliver practical skills and expert advice to assist designers in improving their craft. Open a computer arts magazine to find it showcases the best illustration, graphic design, typography and web design you would expect from a computer art magazine.

Also readers are privy to advice from agencies and digital artists. Workshops will help you create an iconic brand, design your own characters, take your work onto mobile platforms or master the newest advanced Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Creative Suite skills. computer arts magazines help designers create stunning artwork, photos, animations and 3D models. From professionals to students, everyone who has an interest in computer generated graphics, digital publishing, animation or multimedia can benefit.

Computer arts magazines offer practical guidance on proper utilization of software, hardware and techniques users need, both on the PC and Mac computer platforms, and also serves to supply an abundance of inspirational ideas.

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