How to Setup an Outdoor Drive-In Concert Event


There’s something magical about pulling your vehicle up to your allocated parking lot, waiting for the server to arrive to take your order, and settling in with your car, to watch the next blockbuster movie at the local drive-in. Something youngsters today may never experience. However, you can plan a drive-in concert event to give them an idea of what it used to be like. The YouTube video shows you how to do it.

Getting Set Up

There was one thing that the old drive-ins didn’t have. Proper facilities. Today, you can add these facilities to make the experience more magical; the convenience of strategically situated portable toilets.

Video Source

It’s hard to enjoy an event if you have to walk half a mile to get to the restrooms near the main building to the side. Plus, a single restroom won’t do if the event is popular.

Imagine placing a portable bathroom at the end of each aisle on either side of the drive-in. Visitors only need to walk to the end of their parking space to access a convenient facility. They won’t miss much action as they quickly return to their car. A porta potty rental in Newark, NJ, solves this old problem. You’ll be able to offer the best of both worlds. Your visitors can enjoy the event and the convenience of strategically placed toilets.


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