It’s All In The Presentation Bringing Out Your Photo’s Best With Portfolio Products


It’s one thing to take a nice photo or create a lovely painting. It’s another thing to present it in a way that really completes the package.

This is the logic behind support inserts for sleeves, acid-free photo envelopes, and binders. They’re more than just a place to hold your images. They give them a professional sheen that brings out the best they have to offer. Should you be in need of some additional polish, you might want to take a look into some protective casings. They’re functional, long-lasting and, most of all…gorgeous.

Here are some important terms to keep in mind as you search for the perfect photo album binder.

The Power Of The First Impression

What do you know about first impressions? You might be a bigger expert than you realize. Psychologists have deduced, thanks to several carefully conducted studies, that a first impression can be formed in seven seconds or less. That’s not a lot of time to put your best foot forward, is it? This is where support inserts for sleeves and archival photo binders come in — they’re designed to give you a leg up on the competition by presenting your work cleanly and crisply.

Protecting Your Work From The Elements

You have enough to worry about going from point A to point B. You don’t need to add the weather or a spill to the list! You can keep the relative humidity of your photos or prints protected with the aid of archival storage products. It’s recommended you keep your rH at 65% or so to prevent mold growth and reduce insect activity. It’s also nice to have some protection in case you accidentally knock over your coffee while gathering up your things!

Make Sure Your Temperature Is Sound

It’s not just mold growth and insects you should keep in mind. Even the temperature can determine how long your beautiful photos and prints last. The lower the temperature, the better off your items — this is due to cooler temperatures slowing the rate of chemical decay. A temperature hovering at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or so is considered pretty good. Keep your work out of direct sunlight and make sure it’s always wrapped up behind a nice adhesive or sleeve.

Double-Check The Type Of Paper You Use

Paper is truly a wonderful creation. It comes in so many different levels of texture, brightness, and thickness, all the more to embrace our diversity. The acid content in paper is often the best indicator of its life expectancy. When you read ‘acid free’, this is the company’s way of telling you that the paper’s pH is at 7.0 (or neutral). Anything higher and it counts as ‘alkaline’. Acid free papers are able to last up to 200 years under normal use and storage conditions.

Creating The Best Presentation For Your Prints

Whether you have a portfolio review coming up or want to provide a loved one with a special book of memories, presentation is key. It makes the whole package come together in a brilliant way, both to dazzle the eye and protect what’s inside. Alongside your support inserts for sleeves you can look into custom cut mats for scrapbooking ventures. These can be trimmed and adjusted at will, perfect for when you want to bring out the individual quality of your project. Archival portfolio boxes will hold your creation in the meantime.

Bring out your project’s very best. See what a little mat backing or binder sleeves can do.

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