Two Ways to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets


Tickets for nyc shows

If you are an experienced theatergoer, you may be amazed by the existence of half price Broadway tickets. After all, Broadway shows and tickets are extremely expensive. It is extremely difficult to find half price Broadway tickets. And yet half price Broadway tickets do exist. What you can do is look at authorized booking agencies, and go to box offices just before curtain time.

The first way to get cheap NYC Broadway tickets is to go to a booking agency. Broadway theaters typically sell a portion of their tickets to booking agencies, who bear the cost of marketing them. Often, these agencies have incentives for half price Broadway tickets because they are desperate to sell inventory. After all, they cannot get rehired without selling inventory.

The second way to find discounted tickets for Broadway is to go to the box office just before curtain time. Broadway theaters almost always prefer a packed house, and will sell tickets at a steep discount. Any last minute Broadway tickets are likely to be half price Broadway tickets, or at an even greater discount.

Discount tickets for broadway do exist, whether tickets for NYC musicals or for interpretive dance. All you need to do is hunt for them. You would be amazed at the options for half price Broadway tickets. Good refereneces.

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