What Instagram Has to Say About Product Advertising


Corporate event photography

Do you need a professional product photographer? Experts agree that the answer is — overwhelmingly — yes. Image-based social media platforms like Instagram are taking off, and businesses need to make certain their products are on them. Instagram even released a bound book, covering anything from general marketing tips to snapping the perfect picture for Instagram. Let’s look at some of the highlights:

  1. Reconsider High Art

    “Instagram learned that ads would need to feel even more authentic and user-generated to avoid alienating users. User comments on the Kors post were scathing,” The Verge reports. The Michael Kors ad in question, snapped by famous product photographers, showcased an expensive gold watch with a backdrop of delicate china and the French delicacy, macarons. “Get this outta here. Nobody cares about your awfully expensive watch,” an Instagram user said. Instagram’s newly released advertising program includes tips for reaching as many consumers as possible and knowing your audience while you do it. Consider questions about how to do conceptual photography, for example, only when its appropriate and in-line with your brand’s image.

  2. Get People Moving

    The giant image platform recommends, moreover, inspiring consumers to get creative. “Start a movement around your brand, whether that means inspiring people to capture photos while running like the #runfree campaign from @nikerunning, or to celebrate a delicious yogurt concoction, as @chobani has done with their #creationaday hashtag,” Instagram advises. With revenue from 2014 Instagram ads projected to be $250 million to $400 million, marketers would do well to heed the site’s advice.

  3. Get Personal

    Instagram suggests that the best ads will also be the most personal. Well-thought out ads will infuse featured images infused with personality and creativity; the personality should be cohesive and evoke images or memories of the brand. “Ensure that your imagery expresses a clearly defined personality and voice. Photos from eyeglass retailer @warbyparker, featured in the handbook, never feel overly staged or serious, but instead draw from trends in the Instagram community to reflect the company’s quirky creativity,” Instagram tells product advertising photographers.

Instagram is getting ads. Before asking how to do conceptual photography, consider your audience and the overall impression you would like associated with your brand. Ger more information on this topic here.

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