Working For a Computer Art Magazine


Computer art magazine

If you are looking to be an artist for a computer art magazine then you must be able to show samples of the work you have done in the past for computer arts magazines that you have worked for or have done freelance work in the part for. It is important that when you are evaluating whether or not you want to work for a particular computer art magazine, that you find out what kind of art they are looking to incorporate in their computer arts magazine. What you will discover when you begin asking this question is that what one computer art magazine is looking for will differ vastly from what another computer art magazine wants.

This is a very important discovery to make because every computer art magazine is different, just as every artist is unique. In this, we may find that the vision that one computer art magazine has is different from that of the artist, and therefore it is best that the artist not enter into an employment agreement with this particular computer art magazine because the professional relationship may not be for the best.

Many artists do not as this question of the computer art magazine that they are interviewing with for fear that they may not like the answer. Ignoring the question and not doing the research are major mistakes to make. By knowing what they expect from a creative standpoint, you are uncovering what you need to know in order to evaluate whether you will be successful or not with this particular computer art magazine. Too often, the artist is too quick to make a decision and is too excited, that they jump at the first opportunity. Often, they are happy to even get an interview with any computer art magazine and they do not want to do anything to ruin it. This is the wrong approach, and with that said the best option would be to ask these important qualifying questions up front to avoid bigger issues in the long run.

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