Art for Healthcare Facilities Helps Set a Mood


Hospital visits are never easy, but when a visit turns into a long time visit the challenge can become very difficult. In an effort to make sure that patients and their families can find some comfort, more and more companies are working with art consulting services for hospitals. As a result, there are many art consultants looking for artists to help them create and complete new designs.

The Cleveland Clinic recently found that more than 60% of patients reported a reduction in stress from the contemporary art collection in hospital. This was especially true for works that were produced in the last 30 years, including fine art posters in public sculptures, exam rooms, abstract designs, and nature images. Art consultants looking for artists who can create, draw, or photograph these needed images.

Wall Art in Hospitals Helps Create a Comfortable and Calming Mood

The staff of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Arts for Health conducted a feasibility study on a neurosurgery floor where they placed 18 large pieces of local art on the walls, as well as added art to rooms of some patients. As a result, these patients commented that the art made them feel more at home. In addition, this art also made the patients feel more comfortable. In fact, some of the patients even commented that the art made them feel that we cared more.

In the planning of new hospitals or other spaces that serve large groups of people, the rule of thumb for budgeting turn-key art services is to set aside 1% to 2% of the construction budget. This is a small percentage of the cost when measured against overall contribution. We live in stressful times, so it is important to make sure that buildings are designed in a way that can help limit this stress. From color choice to art selection, there are many ways that a professional art consultant can help make the most of any space.

There are more and more companies that are realizing the benefit of art in healthcare environment to make sure that they make patients and their families are as comfortable as possible, even when they are facing the most challenging situations.

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