5 Important Tips to Choosing a Party Tent


Rent a tent

Are you planning an event and need a backyard party tent to pull off the event? Outdoor events can be wonderful, especially when the breezes are good. Here are five important tips on how to choose just the right backyard party tent for your needs.

  1. Make sure you know how many people you’re having. This means planning not only for total numbers but for what they’ll be doing. Say it’s a corporate event tent and you’ll be having speakers. You’ll want about five or six square feet for each chair. You’ll want more space if people need to move through the rows. If you’re doing cathedral type seating, be sure to allow six square feet. If people will mostly be standing, multiply the number of guests by six square feet. If they’ll be at tables, you’ll need 15 square feet multiplied by the number of guests.
  2. Consider the climate you’ll be holding the event in. Why does this matter? The humidity, as well as the temperature, will affect the material you want the tent to be made out of. You’ll be choosing from frame tents and pole tents, and polyester or vinyl tops. The largest tents are usually made of vinyl because of its affordability and strength.
  3. Decide whether you want tent rental or to buy a tent. As you look at tent types, you might consider whether it’s worth your while to buy. There are a lot of variables involved, such as where to store it and weather in the area. However, in general, unless you’re sure you would use it at least three times a year it’s likely better to rent a tent.
  4. How much lighting will you need and what time of day will you need the backyard party tent? Tented events held during the day might not need any lighting at all. If you are renting a tent for the evening, however, lighting will be important. Some tents will have features in their structure specifically to allow for lighting options.
  5. What sort of ground will the tent need to stand on? It will help in choosing tent material and design to know in advance whether you’ll be putting the tent on grass, on a wooden deck, onto concrete, or onto dirt or gravel.

A good backyard party tent can make all the difference to the success of your event. Before you rent, make sure you’ve thought about what you need. Then contact party rentals in your area and let them help you get just the right backyard party tent for your needs.

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