Your Quickstart Guide to Broadway Shows and Tickets


Where to buy tickets for broadway shows

A spring 2016 survey by Nielson Scarborough discovered that over 47 million Americans had attended a live entertainment event the previous month. Perhaps the most famous venue for live entertainment is Broadway. The term “Broadway” can be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the workings of the theater system in New York City.

This can be a problem for people who hope to one day see a Broadway show. Here are a few points on Broadway shows and tickets.

What to Know About Broadway Shows and Tickets.

Entertainment is a key part of a fulfilled life. There are many types of entertainment of course. Some types are more easily accessible than others. For example, a large percentage of Americans are able to watch television on a regular basis, but a smaller percentage has had the opportunity to see a Broadway play or musical.

This could be for a number of reasons. Below is a discussion of a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding Broadway shows and tickets.

Is “Broadway” Just One Theater In New York City?

The Broadway Theater is on Broadway Boulevard in New York City. It surprises some people to learn that the term “Broadway,” as it refers to plays and musicals, actually encompasses a total of 40 theaters. Only four of those theaters has an actual physical address on Broadway Boulevard.

Many people have also heard the term Off Broadway. Off Broadway musicals and plays are one tier below a Broadway show. The distinction between the two has to do with the size of the venue, and the monetary backing the play or musical is receiving from investors. A Broadway theater can seat 500 or more viewers. Off Broadway is between 100 and 499 seats.

Where to Get Tickets For Broadway Shows?

The best place to buy Broadway show tickets is the actual box office. This cuts down on the risk of getting counterfeit tickets, but also the more likely problem of paying an extra fee to the ticket broker for said tickets. Of course, if you are unable to wait in line for tickets, than an online ticket broker might be the best choice. In fact, 70% of Broadway tickets are purchased by tourists.

Broadway tickets can be expensive, especially for those hopeful theater goers who are college students. Some theaters have special deals for students. Another option for discounted tickets is to go to the box office, and apply for the ticket lottery. It is a long shot, but the lottery does help a lucky few each week.

When Is a Broadway Show Considered Successful Or a Must-See?

An easy method for judging the success of a play or musical is how difficult it is to see. When a show is consistently sold out, it sends a pretty clear message that it is in demand. This also translates into revenue. For example, Disney’s The Lion King was the very first Broadway show to earn $1 billion in revenue. The musical Hamilton grossed $3.3 million in one eight-show week in November 2016, the first to earn that amount in a single week.

Another way to judge success is to take a look at the long-term demand for the play or musical. For example, the musical The Phantom of the Opera is the longest- running in Broadway’s history with a total of 9,100 shows performed. Being in-demand over a long period of time proves that the show has an element of timelessness that can be appreciated at any age.

Broadway shows and tickets are on the bucket list of many people. There is a mental block for many Americans because they don’t know much about Broadway in general. This doesn’t need to be a problem that holds someone back from actually seeing a show one day. The first step is to understand what the term “Broadway” means, followed by how a musical or play is determined to be a success. Doing so can help a person narrow down which shows to see. The last step is understanding where to successfully and easily purchase tickets.

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