Author: Computer Arts

Industry Specific Publications Give Readers More Than Just a Good Read

Industry specific magazines exist in the hundreds and thousands to keep industry professionals in the loop of what is happening and to keep everyone on a current page. The computer graphics and graphic design industry is not different. There are a few different publications when it comes to computer arts magazine variety but they all …

A Fun New Party Idea Your Kids Will Love

Working with cool party supplies entails getting top-rated craft and party services. All the items needed for your party are easy to find from a reliable supplier. Find out places you can get ice for parties. Other supplies to get from a party company include fun party plates, plastic cups, banners, and accessories like custom …

Finding a Wedding Reception Gift Card Box For Your Big Day

Brides attend to every detail of their big day. From the dress, to the flowers, to the reception, every detail is important and can be customized to the couples ceremony and reception. When planning the reception, it is important not to forget the wedding reception gift card box. Wedding card boxes do not have to …

Photo Booths for Sale Carry on People’s Love for Cameras and Photography

The history behind cameras and photography is a pretty interesting one, with the first patent for the automated photography machined filed by Baltimore’s William Pope and Edward Poole in 1888, the same year Kodak released its first cameras for the public’s use. In 1827, several decades earlier, Joseph Nicephore Niepce developed the world’s first photographic …


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