Buying Latex and Foil Balloons For a Party


It is pretty easy to decorate a room or a backyard for a party, and cost-friendly decorations such as streamers, music, colorful tablecloth, and most of all, balloons are easy to get at party supply stores. Wholesale balloons, such as foil balloons or air filled balloons made of latex, can be placed just about anywhere, and they are easy to dispose of, too. But latex balloons and foil balloons work in slightly different ways, and a customer may carefully choose between one type or the other when decorating a room or giving balloons as a gift to someone. What is there to know about regular latex balloons or fancy foil balloons?

All About Latex Balloons

Often, when people hear “balloons,” they imagine the latex kind, and not without reason, seeing how common and affordable they are. In fact, the very idea of balloons is an old one, dating all the way back to 1824. In that year, professor Michael Faraday invented them by fusing together the edges of two rubber sheets and filling them with air, and balloons have been made ever since. The difference is that today’s balloons are made of latex instead of rubber, which is much more environmentally friendly. It would put an incredible strain on the world’s rubber trees to make balloons that way, but by contrast, a healthy latex tree can provide material for about 40 years without getting killed in the process. So, latex is the norm, though people with latex allergies should be careful around these balloons.

Latex balloons are usually a solid color and can be inflated with either air or helium as needed. It is easier to fill them with air, since regular air pumps are common and a person can even use their own breath to fill up these balloons. But if they can find a helium pump (don’t count on party supply stores having them), then floating balloons are an option, and helium-filled balloons are easy to find at events like carnivals and county fairs. A helium-filled balloon will, of course, be held down with a string. An air filled balloon may last a week and helium filled ones may last for about a day or so, and when a balloon is popped, it is important to collect all the scraps and dispose of them safely in the trash, before they become a choking hazard for small children and pets. Latex balloons that haven’t yet been inflated are also a choking hazard.

Foil Balloons

The idea of foil balloons is much more recent, dating back to the 1970s or so, and foil models offer some advantages over latex balloons where sheer style is concerned. Foil balloons are made when two foil sheets have their edges fused together, and these balloons are nearly always filled with helium. What is more, they can take on a wide variety of shapes depending on how the sheets were cut, anything from squares and circles to hearts, numbers, and letters. Foil balloons can also have patterns and images printed onto them, such as “happy birthday” or pop culture images, to make them highly decorative. Foil balloons can be bought in packages and inflated later, though they can also be purchased fully inflated in grocery stores. Such fully-inflated foil balloons can easily show off their shape and design for buyers to see.

Decorating With Balloons

Now, when and where should these latex and foil balloons be used? A good example is a child’s birthday party, where helium filled latex balloons can be tied down or taped down, and air filled latex balloons can be scattered around or taped to the backs of chairs or even to the ceiling. This is a great time for foil balloons, too, which come with pop culture images and “happy birthday” messages that kid will like, and number-shaped balloons can form the child’s new age.

Meanwhile, balloons are also fine gifts, and a person may receive a heart-shaped foil or latex balloon on Valentine’s Day, and a hospital patient can get a “get well soon” foil balloon as a gift to cheer up their room. A senior high school prom or a bridal or baby shower will also be a great time for decorative latex balloons of appropriate colors.


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