A Positive Perspective on a Scary Week


You just got in from walking the dogs in the neighborhood. Many families were outside participating in an impromptu scavenger hunt organized by your neighborhood, all while keeping to social distancing. Other families were out riding bikes or tossing the ball around. Your family just finished a leisurely lunch and for the umpteenth day in a row you had a nice conversation and dinner will be much the same.

While you hate the circumstances of the pandemic that brought the nation here, it is a bit of a relief to just be able to step back and focus on family.

Families Are Blessed with More Time Together During Shelter in Place Orders

Finding a weekend when the whole family is at home and not at athletic practices or competitions, unfortunately, just got a lot easier as the mandates from state governors instruct entire communities to stay at home. And while health care, grocery store, and pharmacy workers are busy helping to meet the needs of the community, many parents find themselves working from home, while at the same time helping children with online school work. On the weekends, however, and in the evening, many parents are looking for ways to draw the kids away from screens and spend time together. Armed with large 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles that often do not see the light of day except on the holidays, many families are trying to make the most of their forced time at home. And while truck drivers and private delivery services and restaurant workers are still playing their important roles, family games are growing more and more common for many parents and their children.

Whether you are the parents of young children who have had their school year cut short or you are an empty nester whose college age students have been forced out of the dorms, there is a chance that a centrally located big jigsaw puzzle may provide the kind of distraction that you need.

For families who want to commemorate these days that will likely go on for awhile, the decision to order 1000 piece puzzle frames might also be a good idea. In fact, there is a chance that if you are looking for a way to send a little joy to your family and friends, ordering them a puzzle and accompanying 1000 piece puzzle frames may be the best solution for them as well. The latest research indicates that puzzles activate brains while relaxing people psychologically and putting brains into a meditative state. And while you may only see the finished products in their sleek 1000 piece puzzle frames when you are done, the process of competing that puzzle was a real boost for your brain. And boosting your brain, and the brains of your children who are at home, is a good think during these stressful times.

Parents will be learning in these next few weeks what teachers have known all along: movement gets the brain going. This means that an active body makes for an active brain, so when parents can make learning a hands-on affair they are going to help their children continue learning even during these most unusual times. Educational researchers also know that the brain makes the most connections among its cells before a child turns 10, so inviting your children to engage with puzzles early on provides many advantages. And if you have a child who is reluctant to sit for any period of time, you might consider ordering puzzles that match their interests. For instance, your space loving daughter is more likely to engage if you are going to provide puzzles of the solar system. And as your son gets older and continues his love for all things skateboarding, the most rad puzzle featuring his favorite boards, finished with 1000 piece puzzle frames might make for some perfect room decorations.

The oldest known puzzle is a dissection of a square mentioned by Archimedes around the time of 250 BC. From that time until now, the neurotransmitter, dopamine, has always been produced while working these puzzles. Today, more than ever, parents want to find ways to engage their children.

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