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Firewall Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Daily Server Maintenance Checklist

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5 FAQs About How to Recover Lost Files

Everyone has done it. You need space on your hard drive or removable memory stick and delete the wrong files. Maybe you get confused about which versions of a file you are deleting. Maybe you misinterpret the file names. Maybe you think you have backups. But after you delete the files, you realize that you …

Lucrative Skills for Computer Technology Enthusiasts

The field of computer science and technology is much younger than most industries, compared to the likes of logging, construction, or even becoming a pro athlete. But in the last few decades, computer science and technology have proven central to most industries today, and nearly any business (large or small) will need to outsource labor …

Why IT Support Is A Must-Have For Any Marketing Firm

The marketing industry is changing at the speed of light. Even ten years ago, marketing relied on a number of different avenues to spread the word about “this” client or “that” small business. But technology isn’t going anywhere. Here’s why any marketing company should be backed by the best IT support services. The internet is …

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5 of the Most Underrated Games Of All Time

People love playing games; they always have and they always will. Whether it’s a group of kids running around the front yard playing some imaginary game or a group of senior citizens playing with bingo machines, games can help people relax, connect with one another, and just have fun. Let’s take a look at some …

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Fixed Wireless Vs. Satellite in Rural Areas: Why Your Business May Want To Ditch The Dish

The rural lifestyle appeals to many families and business owners alike. It’s all about fresh air and peace and quiet. But if your work is internet-dependent, you may find that you often feel more frustrated than calm. After all, Americans spend an average of six hours and 21 minutes online each day. Companies that rely …

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Are You a Property Manager? Here is How Property Management Software Programs Can Help

Property management involves the oversight and operation of any form of real estate, but most property managers deal with residential properties. It’s difficult to be a successful property manager because you’re responsible for many residents, renters, and sometimes financial institutions. Inevitably, some of those tenants will cause problems, and when you add in all the …

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Maduro Continues Crackdown on Political Satirists and Comedians in Venezuela

The best way to deal with tragedy and sadness is often considered to be laughter — but if Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has anything to say about it, his country won’t be laughing at Venezuela’s crumbling economy and political structure anytime soon. A Wall Street Journal article reported recently that Maduro has been targeting comedians …

Dean guitars for sale —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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