Do You Have Art for Sale? Heres How to Sell Online


Selling your artwork via the internet isn’t easy, as you’ll face countless artists in a highly-competitive business. But not everything is bad news, as there are some tips you can learn to boost your sales and improve the way people perceive your art online. If you have art for sale, check these informative eCommerce tips.

Start by organizing what type of art you want to sell and how you’ll do it. If you are more of a digital artist, you can sell prints and copies of your designs through Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Redbubble.

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However, if your artwork involves high-quality paintings, you should sell them through eBay and take auctions for those beautiful paintings that draw attention. Another great way to sell your art online is by commissions. Offer your services to those people who want dedicated art about pre-existing characters or original characters made by them. Working with other artists on projects can also improve your reputation online, giving you a new audience.

Your online presence and reputation play a crucial role when selling art online. By improving those aspects, you’ll have better sales than other online artists.


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