Electric Powered Skateboards are Growing in Popularity for a Variety of Reasons


Electric skate board

While some may think that skateboarding is a fringe activity, in reality, over eleven million people in the United States report enjoying skateboarding on a regular basis. The United States makes up over fifty percent of the global skateboarding market. This provides a significant business for shop owners and skateboard manufacturers.

According to one survey nearly eighty percent of all skateboarders prefer to shop small specialty brands, opposed to the top national brands. Further, only about three percent of all skateboard sales happen in general sporting goods stores. Skateboarders do to specialty skateboard shops.

As the popularity of skateboarding has grown over recent decades, communities have responded by installing skateboard parks. There are currently over 500 skateboarding parks in the United States. These parks typically offer ramps, rails, and a variety of other obstacles to be used in skateboarding. This helps to keep skateboarders from using public locations, sidewalks, and storefronts to use ramps and rails.

There are a wide range of skateboards available to fit the variety of needs. For example, electric powered skateboards have grown in popularity as people use them as a means of transportation, and off road electric skateboards allow users to avoid the parks all together and combine their love of skateboarding with the adventure of nature.

Electric powered skateboards
are used for going to school and to work. In many areas, you can see adults traveling to and from work on skateboards, as well as bikes and scooters. This has risen out of a combination of efforts including being more green, avoiding the congestion of vehicle traffic, and being more physically active. These efforts have also helped to take skateboarding out of the fringe and into the mainstream.

Off road skateboarding can be dangerous, but provides an level of excitement and adventure that you won’t find in a city park. It also provides a unique way to see and interact with nature. Much like mountain biking, safety needs to be a top priority with this activity, which includes wearing safety gear including a helmet and being prepared with needed repair supplies.

There are a wide range of potential dangers when off road skateboarding. You also want to ensure you do not get lost as the riding duration of electric powered skateboards is limited. They do need charged between usages, and the length of time the charge will last varies based on many factors.

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