Is Your Office Getting Ready to Update Its Large Group Meeting Spaces?


Stress free workplace

You know that calm feeling you get when you collapse in a comfortable sofa in a hotel lobby?
It is planned.
You know that quiet feeling when you experience when you are in a hospital lobby or family waiting room?
It is intentional.
Art consulting firms work with hotels, hospitals, and other public spaces to suggest artwork that will promote calmness, wellness, and peacefulness. From artwork for hospitality industry to artwork for office spaces to boost productivity, the role of art consultants looking for artists is to locate sources for all of the public spaces that are intentionally planned. From color to placement to size, consultants looking for artwork for hospitality industry can also be working toward promoting a brand as well as creating a certain vibe in any given location.
Creating stress free workplaces in large offices and in government buildings can help a companies provide large meeting spaces that are relaxing, but are also capable of boosting productivity. The most beautiful spaces may seem very simple, but there is a lot of planning that goes into what looks like an effortless creation. By selecting the right colors for artwork to making sure that the right lighting is also in place, art consultants can work with space planners and interior design teams to create the desired effect. Here is some of the latest research on how a space can work to boost productivity or provide a safe and relaxing lobby space:

  • 94% of the respondents indicate that art makes their workplace more welcoming.
  • 61% of respondents indicate that art stimulates creativity.
  • People working in enriched spaces, those that are decorated with art or plants, are 17% more productive than those people working in lean spaces.
  • A guide for budgeting customized art services is 1% to 2% of the construction budget. For this small percentage of cost, as measured against overall budget, an investment can provide substantial dividends.
  • 78% of people agree that art in the workplace helps reduce stress.
  • 64% of people agree that are in the workplace increases creativity.

When was the last time that you needed a quiet space when you were traveling? For those moments when you do not have time to go upstairs to your hotel room, a hotel lobby often provides pockets of privacy where you can refresh and relax. And while that space may seem very simple, an entire industry is often behind the planning of public places.

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