Keeping Your Data Room Clean Can Save Your Life


Data rooms, like any room in the office, can get dusty and dirty if not cleaned regularly. Because they store a vast amount of vital information, these centers are not without their risks if they are not maintained.

Walking away with a spotless center requires some time, effort, consistency, but is well worth it in the end — especially if the risks of data loss are high. If you’re interested in keeping a cleaner data room, and having a hot aisle containment system free of dirt, continue reading to learn more. Aside from keeping your area immaculate, ridding yourself of the grime could also save your life.

What needs to be cleaned?

A proper cleaning of the data room starts in the computer room. Not only can a dirty area get in the way of your work, but it’s also hazardous to the computers themselves. When you’re storing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment, keep it clean as to not cut its lifespan short. You can clean the area yourself to cut down on these risks, or have a team of specialists come in to do a deep cleanse of the office and data room. Based on your schedule and budget, choose wisely.

Keeping the cold and hot aisle containment systems clean

Deep cleaning goes far beyond a quick sweep of the computer room. For a more thorough job, make sure the hot aisle containment system housing your servers and computers is in excellent shape. However, if you choose to keep your servers from burning up in a cold aisle containment unit, follow the same protocol and make sure you’re being gentle while handling the intricate equipment.

How data center cleaning can save your life

Keeping a clean data center may not seem like a life-or-death task. But contrary to what you might believe, there’s a lot riding on the cleanliness of this area. Data centers aren’t without their dangers. Overheating, fires, loss of equipment are just a few things to look out for. If you’re not monitoring your hot containment system or being wary of dirt and grime, you may be putting yourself or others in harm’s way. In the end, that could be catastrophic to your business or could leave you liable for any harm done to others. However, keeping the center well maintained and clean is one way you can minimize the risk and keep you and your equipment safe.

Having great equipment for your data center is essential. But so is ensuring that it’s maintained properly. With these tips in mind, your equipment will enjoy a longer lifespan — and so will you.

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