The Benefits of Artwork in Healthcare Environments


Benefits of art in hospitals

The primary goal of healthcare is to provide diagnoses, treatment, and compassionate towards those that are ill and in need of services. Along with ensuring that they are properly treated, it is your job, as a healthcare provider, to equally assure that their experience is an affable and comfortable. This is secured by first and foremost providing them with an environment that feels welcoming — homey. To instill such a feeling, one can provide an environment that is enlivened with artwork.

If you are interested in providing such an environment — primarily wall art for hospitals, clinics, and offices — it is worth your while to consider seeking the help of an art consultant.

What is an Art Consultant

An art consultant’s job is to work with an employer to select and acquire art as requested — photography, paintings, drawings, murals, sculptures, etc.. They effectively secure pieces of art that fit the aesthetic and feeling as deemed by the employer, whether that is for a home, office, or place of business. Through the selection of wall art for hospitals, an art consultant can provide an aesthetic that aids in reducing workplace stress, boosts overall productivity, and creates a comfortable, caring environment for patients.

Workplace Stress

In a recent survey, 94% of people responded stating that artwork and workplace decorations helped reduce overall stress. These pieces of wall art for hospitals provide your work place with a refreshment, permeating it and procuring a relaxing atmosphere, as well as turning it into a stress free workplace. By reducing levels of stress in your workers, you are not only fostering a more pleasant space to work, but your are creating a healthier environment for all parties involved.

Boosts Productivity

A recent study found that people working in an environment invigorated with artwork are 17% more likely to be productive than those working in bland work spaces. By providing your employees with an enriched work space, you are providing them with a place of work that feels both more enjoyable and exhilarating. Similarly, by allowing your employees to have designation over what art can be utilized in their work space, you can increase productivity by up to 32%.

Creates Comfort

A study conducted by the Arts for Health staff at WFBMC found that when large pieces of artwork and photography were added to a neurosurgery floor and patients’ rooms that patients found it to feel more homey and comfortable, and as if they were more cared for. These handpicked pieces of wall art for hospitals imbued the space with a sense of comfort that could otherwise not be achieved with the basic sterile atmosphere that hospitals are. By introducing art, it provided a sense of liveliness and care that enriched the experience of those receiving treatment there.

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