What Food to Eat Following a Night Out


Best chicken wings in miami

Whether you’re about to go out with friends, currently out-and-about with said friends, or winding down after the festivities have come and gone, food is always a priority. As much as it is a part of the party, food is a part of culture. One such food that has proved to be a part of the American lifestyle — party, home, or restaurant culture — is chicken.

In 2015 alone, Americans consumed nearly 90 pounds of chicken per capita, and that number is only expected to grow for the years to come! It might come in the form of chicken nuggets, barbecue chicken, or chicken wings, but no matter the form it is served in, chicken is certainly the number one protein choice of Americans. It’s a healthy choice of meat too: chicken is high in protein, it features an abundance of amino acids, phosphorous, and selenium, and it has less saturated fat than red meat. Rather than seeking out every restaurants grease-ridden burger following your night out, you can seek out a a savory slice of chicken for a healthy, hearty meal.

In the South Beach area there are number late-night catering services. One such service is the healthy, fast food delivery that can come from the area’s numerous Latin restaurants. These restaurants have chicken that is served in the classical tradition and sure to extend expectations and tastes, hit with all of the Latin spices — cilantro, smoked paprika, cumin, and lime.

If you happen to be in a rush, there are some Latin restaurants that serve even healthier option than grilled or fried chicken, instead leaning for broiled, full rotisserie chickens. These rotisserie chickens, when carved of their meat, provide restaurant goers with fresh, extremely flavorful food in an instant. And if you happen to be in a rush, well, have no worry, as these restaurants are also available to deliver within the South Beach area. In the matter of just a few minutes, you can be leaving the party, all with your hands full of delicious Latin chicken.

There can seem to be an endless amount of restaurants to choose from within the South Beach area, but it’s knowing which ones are the best that truly keep the partying going. After a night out with friends, you don’t want to settle for a greasy and heavy meal. Instead, you want something that really pops, that gets your attention with it’s flavor, taste, and profile. You want something that’s going to add to the fun that has already been, keeping the night feeling young. Seeking out these Latin chicken restaurants in South Beach will do just that.

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