Hard Workers Deserve Recognition The Classic Sentiment Of A Beautiful Custom Crystal Plaque


Appreciating your hard-working employees is key to good business.

Your workers give their heart and soul into their performance. They fill in for other workers, offer their unique perspective, do a thousand small and major things that keep your business running. It only makes sense to appreciate them properly. Crystal plaques are among the most classic and effective ways of commemorating someone’s hard work. They look beautiful atop any desk and can be passed down through the generations.

For spending 25 years at your company to recognizing an intern’s graduation, crystal gifts speak volumes.

Americans today are burning out. When they’re not working long hours they’re failing to take their vacation time, adding up to a population that’s ever in need of appreciation. This doesn’t just go for the standard part-time or full-time worker, either. A recent study found up to 90% of pastors stating they’ve experienced some form of burnout in the ministry. Burnout is a term used to describe an overwhelming mental and physical exhaustion…with side-effects that can last up to years.

More industries than ever before are increasing their demand. By the time 2022 arrives more than 500,000 registered nurses are anticipated to retire, leaving the floodgates open for new blood to pour through. Around 40,000 students graduate from law school on a yearly basis and the manufacturing industry is expected to receive a higher than average rate of growth, according to data offered by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics. One way or another, custom crystal plaques will go a long way to show how much you care. There’s no better way to show just how much it means a worker has spent 25 years at your company (or more).

Crystal embodies prestige and longevity. You’ll see it used for weddings, anniversaries, even birthdays. When it comes to your workers, there’s only one way to represent all the blood, sweat, and tears they’ve provided over the years. Employee recognition programs have been slowly increasing over the past decade in an attempt to combat worker burnout. A recent study found 85% of companies today with employee recognition programs in place — such as ’employee of the year’ — have a notable increase in worker happiness.

Without happy workers your business doesn’t stand a chance at succeeding in the long-term. Burnout is caused not just by catastrophic events, but the little issues that get ignored. Failing to get enough sleep per night, feeling unappreciated at work, being pushed to work longer hours…it all adds up to a bad long-term solution. This only gets worse with employee turnover rates. Celebrating 25 years at your company looks much better with exclusive crystal designs that embrace a worker’s individuality.

You don’t just have to celebrate 25 years at your company, either. You can appreciate an employee’s birthday or commemorate their recent graduation with customizable crystal plaques. Your crystal plaque business will provide you a plethora of beautiful shades, designs, and engravings to choose from. These are nicely paired with flowers, ribbons, or gift cards. Memories are fleeting, but the artistry we dedicate to them can stand the test of time.

Show your workers how much they mean to you. Honor their hard work with crystal plaques that are just as special as they are.

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