Screen Printing Basics


Screen printing is a fun, hands-on activity that lets you customize your space and your belongings. With screen printing techniques, you can design your own posters, tee-shirts, tote bags- you name it! But it’s important to know the basics of the art before you dive in.

Screen printing, like most other art forms, is not something that you should jump into blindly.

Video Source

You should do adequate research before starting a screen printing project. Watching a few video tutorials is a great way to acquaint yourself with the process of screen printing from start to finish. Queue up some tutorial videos, take notes, and really familiarize yourself with the steps of screen printing.

Once you’ve learned the process of screen printing, you can make a decision about whether or not it’s the right activity for you. If you’ve decided “yes,” then it’s time to prepare yourself for the project. But first, it’s crucial that you ensure you have enough workspace to accomplish everything you need. You will need a flat, sturdy table or workbench for arranging all your materials. Even some floorspace could work in a pinch. Just make sure you’ve sequestered off the area from children or pets!

Now that you’ve designated your work area, you can head to the store to get your supplies. Go into the store with a list of the specific materials you’ll need and ask a sales associate if you’re struggling to find any of them. In some specialty stores, the sales associates may even offer some tips for screen printing that you can use when you get home!

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